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Private Messaging & Video Email

Video Email is the new wave of the internet, and now you can communicate privately and securely with your friends and peers within Tagplace, sending rich interactive email that displays videos, images, MP3 audio files and even products from your Tagplace catalog!  The message is sent to the recipients' Inbox at Tagplace, as well as a breif email sent to their email address inviting them to login to Tagplace and check their Inbox for new messages.  This is a perfect opportunity to send targeted emails to a mailing list of customers, contacts or friends and ensure that your rich media videos are seen in a private manner.  Making these messages look good is easy when you use the Quick Templates supplied.  We have high quality templates for newsletters, stationary, photo albums, and video players all included free in our P2P Messaging System.

Online Content Publishing

Streamlined tools make editing and publishing your articles or blogs a snap! Our familiar, easy to use Html editor uses an intuitive drag-and-drop process to simplify the addition of graphics, photo galleries, video or audio files and products from your Product Catalog to your content articles with one quick mouse movement. Easy batch upload for images makes quick work of importing large photo galleries, and image tagging creates a uniform filtering and organizational structure for easy searching thrrough your Image Library.  Upload massive videos (up to 100 Megs!) to your Video Library and use them within your Content Articles by just dragging them into the Html Editor.  Integrated Ecommerce makes creating sales pages, specials or featured product articles so easy, anybody can sell online! 

Online Sales Made Easy

We Drop-Ship

Designed for entrepreneurs and large businesses alike, our revolutionary new Catalog and Shopping Cart integrates seamlessly into your Tagplace, making creation of Sales Pages, One time pages, and Marketing Campaigns a piece of cake. Invoices are generated for orders, integrating with your drop shippers, vendors, suppliers, and automatically generating purchase orders to maintain your stock levels of inventory.  Our real world design can handle product catalogs of thousands of items, providing a one-click batch import tool which simplifies management of large catalogs.
Use our 3-Step Product Editor to create your products, associate them with suppliers if drop-shipped, and upload images.  Creating new products is so simple and quick you will be looking for items to add to your catalog, so we have built a relationship with approved suppliers who deliver high quality merchandise.  By adding these pre-built catalogs into your product list, you can sell these high quality products without much markup, and never have to stock inventory.  When an order is placed in your store, the supplier will be notified and, after they recieve payment, will ship the package to the customer, using your company brand on the label.  But it gets better!  Now we have custom printing for a wide variety of items, full color transfer printing for any image or slogan you want to market.  Just upload the images you want to use for printing onto the clothing, create your product lines, and when the items sell our merchandiser will create the final product and ship it as ordered.  No need for expensive inventory or pre-ordering... we can print just one item at a time as ordered.

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